About the Delaware Valley Chapter of the Church Network

The Delaware Valley Chapter of the The Church Network is open to administrators, business managers, and lay people from churches in eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware. Annual dues are $35.00 which includes membership and discounts to sponsored events. Meetings are a time of sharing and learning about what affects administrators serving in churches today.

Below are a couple of pictures taken at a regular meeting:



June 2018: Gerry McShane saying goodbye to Bill Kern as he has completed his term as an officer and as he is now retired. Bill has been a tremendous help for the group.

This picture is of some of our members who attended the 2017 Conference in DC:

These pictures were taken during a tour of one of the churches – the tours are always a highlight of the meetings!


We not only learn a lot from special speakers and from each other, we also have a great time of fellowship and fun! Come join us!!!